The Keep&Share Calendar Application not only comes with your main calendar (or multiple Calendars, in the case of paid accounts), but you can also use some other types of Calendars within your Calendar Application.

Types of Calendars

My Calendars:

These are the main calendars supplied to your account depending on the plan you are signed up for. While the number of these calendars may vary, My Calendars are enabled with the full editing and customizing capability of the Keep&Share Calendar Application.

Provided Calendars:

These are preconfigured calendars accessible in each Keep&Share account. These include Holiday Calendars (both national and religious) and Specialty calendars. These Calendars are easily used as Overlays in your other calendars.

Subscribed Calendars:

External calendars that you are subscribed to (such as iCalendar Subscriptions) can be used in your Keep&Share Calendar application and used as Overlays.

Calendars Shared with You:

Calendars that are shared with you from another account can be viewed in your account as Overlays as well.

Learn more on multiple calendars in the Multiple Calendars: Getting Started solutions folder.