Yes! Depending on your account plan, you can have up to 30 separate Calendars in your account. Free Basic accounts start out with 1 Calendar, paid Solo accounts have 5 Calendars, and each Team member in a Team account gets 30 Calendars. It's easy to create new Calendars in your account or if you need more Calendars than your account plan has, you can purchase an expansion pack.

Multiple Calendars are a great way to track the many schedules in your life both at work and at home.

Multiple Calendars allow you to:

  • Keep schedules (and clients) separate, but all in one secure account
  • Control Sharing, Editing and Viewing access to different schedules.
  • View multiple schedules in a flexible, customizable unified view via our Calendar Overlays feature.
  • Compare separate schedules side by side down to the hour in our Side-by-Side View feature.

All of your Calendars will be listed in the Navigation on the left-hand side of your screen. See the image below:

To get started with Multiple Calendars, visit our solutions on Calendar plans, Calendar types, and how you can share and display multiple Calendars.