Side-by-Side View is a type of Calendar View that allows you to view multiple Calendars at once by placing separate Calendars side-by-side for easy comparison. In order to use Side-by-Side View, first be sure that you have a paid account (This does not include paid legacy accounts), and that you have set up the Side-by-Side View feature.

Seeing your Side-by-Side View

Once you have set up your Side-by-Side View for your Calendar, you can use it like any other Calendar View in your Keep&Share Calendar Application. You can switch your Calendar View to Side-by-Side View using the Calendar View buttons will be in the upper left-hand corner of your Calendar screen. Follow the directions in the image below:

You can choose to set Side-by-Side View as your default Calendar View. You can still switch to other Calendar Views and it will not affect which Calendars you can see when you switch by to Side-by-Side view.You can also choose to create a URL link to share a Side-by-Side View of your Calendar.

Using your Side-by-Side View

With Side-by-Side view open, you can then add & edit Events to each Calendar in the view as you would any other Calendar View. Navigate dates displayed in Side-by-Side View using the arrows above your calendar and by clicking on the date to select another month or year.

Printing Side-by-Side View

Keep&Share's calendar printing feature fully supports Side-by-Side view (see sample printout here). Click the printer icon and generate high resolution PDF printouts or PDF files that look just like the on-screen Side-by-Side view. For more information on the options available for printing your calendar, visit the Calendar Printing: Getting Started solutions folder.